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The Engrained Experience: From Our Farm to Your Plate

At Engrained, sustainability has always been at the core of our mission.

Since we began in 2013, we've strived to bring local, sustainably grown produce and meat to our community, fostering a stronger connection between grower and consumer.

In 2017, an exciting opportunity came our way when our owners Brent & Melissa acquired a 22-acre plot of land. Since then, we've been working to rehabilitate the soil and transform the space into a thriving oasis of regenerative agriculture. This season, our dedication to regenerative farming has borne fruit—or rather, vegetables—that will soon find their way to your plate!

When you indulge in our farm-to-table dishes, know that our locally sourced ingredients come straight from the source, adhering to our natural and unprocessed principals. From our very own carrots, golden beets, potatoes, and radishes, to the beef, pork and eggs from nearby family farms, every choice aligns with our commitment to sustainability and responsibility.

As we continue to nurture our garden and expand our regenerative practices, we look forward to sharing the freshest, most flavorful produce with you! So, bring the family in for a farm-to-table experience that begins on our Engrained Farm and ends right on your plate! You can make a reservation on our website here: Reservations | Engrained Brewing (

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