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Our Farmers & Suppliers
About our Farmers

Our farmers focus on responsible and sustainable practices.  They are family farmed operations and local to Central IL.  Our beef farmers rotate through the year because their herds are seasonal and not year round.  This is the nature of smaller farmers, they generally raise herds that mature at one or two times a year.


Our pastured Angus beef is currently coming primarliy from two farms, Waller Farms in Carlock, IL and Funk's Grove Beef in McLean, IL.

Our pastured pork comes from CloverHill Farm near Carlock, IL from our founder, Brent's cousin Ken and his wife Annie.  Ken is the fifth generation family member to operate the farm Brent's family grew up on.

We get fresh cheese curds weekly from Ropp Jersey Cheese in Normal, IL about a mile from where Brent grew up.  Brent spent plenty of time around the Ropp family through 4H and at the County and State Fair as well as having Carol Ropp for his geometry teacher in high school.

About our Suppliers

We believe in buying American made products when possible and want to highlight some of our key US and especially Midwestern suppliers.


BUTCHERS – We use small local butcher shops in central Illinois that are owned and operated by local families. We primarily partner with Bloomington Meats in Bloomington, IL.


BREWING INGREDIENTS – We purchase the majority of our barley and grains from Briess Malts, which sources high quality US grown ingredients.  Briess is located in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Our hops come mostly from Hallowed Hops in Lewiston, IL but we have also sourced from the Michigan Hop Alliance (group of Michigan hop growers).  Our yeast comes from Omega Yeast in Chicago.

FOOD PURVEYOR – We are proud to work with the following local companies to source our daily produce, dry goods, and food goods.  MJ Kellner is locally owned and operated (here in Springfield) since 1920.


LOCAL SUPPLIERS – We use a variety of other local companies for our daily needs that we wanted to highlight.

First Bankers Trust for all our banking needs.

KB Consulting for our IT needs and website design.

Troxell Insurance for our insurance needs

Capitol Blue Print for our recycled menu paper and commercial printing

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