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Best Beer in Springfield
Best Beer in Springfield
Best Beer in Springfield
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Seasonal Brews

Juicy Seltzers

All use 100% real fruit. Pick up a variety 6-pack.

Black is Beautiful

Chocolate Imperial Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout celebrating the collaborative effort

to raise awareness & funds for the injustices people of color face daily

Learn more about this beer here

ABV 9.5%, IBU 42

Peach Saison

A classic Belgian Saison with real peaches

ABV 6.5%, IBU 22

Lemon Shandy

House made lemonade (from scratch with real lemons) with our Hefeweizen beer

ABV 4.0%, IBU 13


A 50/50 blend of our lemon shandy and blackberry lager

ABV 4.0%, IBU 15

Low Calorie IPA

A truly superior light craft beer, packed with flavor with only 102 calories and 3.5 g of carbs.

Enjoy this sessionable IPA packed with locally grown hops Mackinac and Michigan Copper.

ABV 4.6%, IBU 30

Italian Pilsner

This clean pils showcases a dry hop addition of Sterling hops.

That post fermentation hop addition is what sets the Italian style apart.

ABV 4.5%, IBU 40

Brazilian Bombshell

A Pale Ale featuring 100% local IL hops, mango and guava inspired by our brewer’s time in Brazil

ABV 7.5%, IBU 40

Chocolate Quad

Sweet chocolate goodness inspired by Belgian strong ales like our Tripel.

Note the word “strong”, this one sneaks up on you 

ABV 11%, IBU 24

Year Round Brews

German Lager

Best of Craft Beer Silver Award 2018

Our lightest beer, a traditional all barley Munich Helles German Style Lager

ABV 5.0%  IBU 16  SRM 3

Blackberry Lager

A Munich Helles base with real blackberry

ABV 5.0%   IBU 17   SRM 21


Best of Craft Beer Silver Award 2016

This classic German wheat beer is light and refreshing with hints of

banana and clove

ABV 5.0%  IBU 18  SRM 3

Blackberry IPA

A mix of our Blackberry Lager and our IPA

ABV 6.25%  IBU 36  SRM 14


India Pale Ale featuring locally sourced

citrus hops Cascade and Centennial

ABV 7.0%  IBU 55  SRM 6

Irish Red Ale

Red ale with a complex malt forward flavor

ABV 6.0%  IBU 22  SRM 15

Oatmeal Stout

Bold flavor with chocolate, coffee, and roasted notes.

ABV 6.5%  IBU 36  SRM 38

Custom Cup Coffee Stout

Brewed with locally roasted, single origin coffee beans from Custom Cup

ABV 6.0%  IBU 36  SRM 38

Beer To Go


Offering numerous bottle options to meet your needs.

Get a 2-pack, 4-pack, or 6-pack and mix up the beer styles!

Only sold on location at Engrained Brewery & Restaurant


Standard Pricing 32 oz Growler

*Beer Fill $6

Standard Pricing 64 oz Growler

Glass Jug $3

*Beer Fill $12

*Fill prices can vary based on beer selection


Get any of our year round beers.

We offer two keg sizes:

5 gallon or 1/6 barrel $80

15.5 gallon or 1/2 barrel $170


Seasonal beer availability is limited and sometimes unavailable.  

Pricing varies on seasonal beer offering.

Question or want to place a keg order?  Email our brewer at 


  • We prefer a 1 week notice for orders

  • We charge a $75 keg deposit (new kegs cost over $100 and we like getting ours back)

  • We do not accept kegs from other breweries




1120 West Lincolnshire Blvd

Springfield, IL 62711

(217) 546-3054


11:00-8:00 Sunday - Thursday

11:00-9:00 Friday-Saturday


Labor Day, Mon Sept 7

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