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Our Story

Brent Schwoerer is a child of two worlds. Growing up on a farm, Brent learned how to trust nature, respect the land, and care for the animals. His family taught him how to get the most out of every provision — each kernel of corn, every ounce of beef and poultry, each drop of milk. It wasn’t just the way of the farm. It was the way of life.

Brent Schwoerer

Owner, Founder, Brewmaster

This work ethic took Brent beyond the farm, to a degree in engineering, and then another in human resources. He was recruited by a renowned equipment manufacturer. There, Brent honed his ability to think strategically, to understand the global marketplace, and navigate the personalities and complexities of a successful organization.

Along the way, he realized the corporate world wasn’t his true element. It was time to get back to the authentic, meaningful work he’d taken for granted growing up; to make things that made a difference, that brought something special to people in his community while being in harmony with nature.

This wasn’t the simplest way to build a business. It felt more like a calling. And as Brent and Melissa raised their family, they built a sanctuary for other families. There, folks could get an excellent meal — made with fresh, honest goods direct from the farm. With an exceptional brewery and an outstanding team, Engrained brought a sense of joy to guests, and, a sense of balance.

Today, when you come in for a Farmhand Burger or pour a glass of our Oatmeal Stout, you may not think much about how we produce it; how we insist on local suppliers, sustainable methods, and, well, personal integrity. But you will feel it.

Our Philosophy 

We believe in reducing our foot print on our environment.  To us that means energy efficiency, recycling, reusing, reducing our waste, and maximizing the use of our resources.  We designed our building, brewery, and kitchen with this mind.  Read about our Building Sustainability and learn about the 30+ ways our facility is sustainable.  We operate with a reduce, reuse, and recycle mantra.


We believe in supporting our local community, and that means sourcing as many of our ingredients, products,  and materials as possible.  We support local family farms that employ sustainable farming practices.  Locally sourced also means those ingredients travel short distances to reach us,  resulting in fresher food and less fossil fuel usage. Most of our beef, pork, and eggs come from local family farms within an 85 mile radius.  We also source some of our cheese, milk, chicken, and produce locally.  Engrained is family owned and operated by Brent and Melissa Schwoerer who live right here in Springfield.


At Engrained natural means fresh, unprocessed, free range, seasonal, nutritious, chemical and preservative free, and free of hormones, antibiotics, and steroids.  Our cattle and pigs live in open pastures and our local chickens are cage free year round and free range when weather permits.  We believe in small farming practices where the farmer emphasizes renewable resources and the conservation of resources to enhance environmental quality for future generations.  We believe this is how Mother Nature intended it.  We source our beef and pork from local family farms that follow our natural guidelines.  Read about our Farmers & Suppliers.

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