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Rebranding & Store Shelves

I am excited to announce a couple of big developments at Engrained!

First, we are launching a new brand image!

Second, you will find a few of our beers in your local grocery/liquor store soon!

The year 2020 brought about many things for all of us. It was certainly a year to step back and reflect, to decide what is important. Here at Engrained it was no different. I decided it was time for the next step in Engrained’s evolution. It was time to double down on who we are and what we stand for.

The business climate & challenges in the hospitality business made it clear to me that the time to start distribution was here. That also meant I would need to prepare beer can labels, a fairly involved process.

I quickly realized that our existing logo wouldn’t be ideal for a beer can label on a store shelf. The “Brewery & Restaurant” text would be too small and the restaurant component could be confusing to the consumer at stores across central Illinois. That drove the initial need to consider a change. Beyond that, we needed a logo that would work across the various components of the company, serve as a platform for the restaurant, the brewery, and future growth opportunities. I wanted the image to do a better job communicating our brand foundation simply and legibly.

Step 1: “Who Are We?”

What is our brand foundation? What is Engrained about, and what should our image communicate?

We are a company that does good. We share our passion for wholesome ingredients direct from the farm. We nourish our community while caring for the land and our people. We are good stewards, supporting and sourcing local, and partnering with farmers who use regenerative practices to ensure we cultivate rich, nurturing harvests for generations to come.

Step 2: Logo Development

Without further ado, here are the two primary formats of our new logo. I also added the current logo for reference (just click the arrow to slide from image to image).

At the core of the new logo is the sun and its rays. Everything in the world of nature revolves around the sun. Without it, none of us would exist. Growing up on the farm I learned firsthand how critical the rising and setting of the sun was to each day. I couldn’t think of a more fitting symbol to represent our core. Everything in nature draws its energy from the sun. The rising of the sun brings new hope to each day.

Inside the diamond, the sun rises (or sets, you decide) over the central Illinois landscape. The same local fields and streams from where our raw ingredients grow. Our hand-crafted goods are based on this landscape, so is the staff who creates the magic, and the community who supports us.

I hope you can appreciate our new look as much as I do. We are still the same great place and great people. Scroll to the bottom to see a partial view of one of our new beer labels. The same one you will see soon in grocery stores near you.

Look for our Brombier Blackberry Lager, Fulsome Irish Red, Lokal Hop IPA, and Peach Seltzer on shelves over the next 2 weeks. As products hit the shelves, I’ll do my best to update our website to keep you informed.

In the meantime, you can always pickup these beers at Engrained!


Brent Schwoerer

Owner / Founder / Brewmaster

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