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Mad Elf Winterfest Beer Lineup

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Stout in Pint Glass

The Christmas chaos is over! Santa's elves are ready to take a break and enjoy a beer. You deserve a break and a beer too! Sip back and relax with us this weekend, January 21st & 22nd, at our Mad Elf Winterfest. We’re tapping 10 new beers, 3 of which come directly from our Brewer’s Cellar.

Our master brewer keeps a few things in our cellar for experimentation or because he simply likes to hold back a few of his favorites.

1. Brewer’s Cellar – Engrained Private Select Makers Mark Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, originally released in January 2020, this is an imperial stout we aged in the same barrel our Makers Mark private select bourbon came out of. Simply amazing.

2. Brewer’s Cellar – Aged Oatmeal Stout (3.5 years) - See the difference age makes with our timeless Stout

3. Brewer’s Cellar – Aged Blood Orange IPA (3.5 years) - Hop bitterness fades with time which made this beer transform.

4. Stevens Point Peanut Butter Porter - Straight forward, a peanut butter porter

5. Lagunitas Island Beets - Tropical IPA with juicy citrus notes

6. Door 4 Late Check Out - 8.3% Doppelbock - Traditional Amber lager with notes of biscuit and toasted pecans

7. Door 4 Jet Ski Rental - 9% Double IPA - Juicy and dank!

8. Triptych Queen Meme - 8.8% A Hazy Triple Dry Hopped Double IPA with El Dorado, Azacca, Citra, and Experimental 17704 hops and Wildflower Honey

9. Route 51 Blueberry Pancake - Brown Ale with blueberry maple syrup

10. Route 51 Strawberry Dreamsaver - 4.7% Real strawberries and vanilla are the dream team in this glass of candy (SOLD OUT)

Follow along on our Facebook event page as we release our weekend food specials and give more details on these exclusively available beers.

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That sounds amazing! After all the holiday hustle, a relaxing weekend with some new brews is just what I need. I'm definitely looking forward to the Mad Elf Winterfest and trying those special beers from the Brewer's Cellar. Thanks for the invite—see you there! slice masters

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