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Donation Creation Flatbread for January & February

We are excited to share that our Donation Creation partner for January and February is the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln! Through our Donation Creation program, we are able to support organizations whose work we believe improves people’s lives in our community. We work with our partners to create a unique flatbread, and $1 from each one purchased goes directly to the organization.

The Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln provides financial resources to local charities by offering a donation avenue to philanthropists and allows them to ensure that they are making an impact and helping others. There are a variety of funds available to which a donor can direct their contributions, all managed by the CFLL. The Community Foundation is overseen by a volunteer board of citizens and managed by professionals with expertise in identifying community needs.

One way to become involved in the Community Foundation is to join the Young Philanthropists! This group hosts three fun and informative events each year, and offers grant funds to a charity chosen by the steering committee every December. The most recent grant recipient was Kidzeum in 2019, receiving funds to support their Young Engineers Club!

There are many ways a charity can apply for funds from the Community Foundation for a wide range of issues. All of the grant programs and issues served can be found on the Community Foundation’s website.

According to the Foundation’s President and CEO John Stremsterfer, more than $2.7 million was granted from funds at the Community Foundation in 2019. Since the community foundation was founded in 2003, here is a percentage breakdown of where the more than $15 million in grants have made an impact:

  • 20.42% -- Education

  • 12.53% -- Health and Wellness

  • 12.23% -- Women, Children and Families

  • 9.9% -- Senior Citizens

  • 8.37% -- Scholarships

  • 7.15% -- Basic Needs

  • 29.4% -- The total of a combination of issue areas, including animal welfare, environment, capacity building, arts & culture, historic preservation, and more.

We think you’ll love the creation for January and February, which is a Veggie Deluxe with our house made flatbread crust, mushrooms, green peppers, red onions, tomatoes, and black olives.Moreover, you’ll enjoy knowing that a portion of your purchase supports such a worthy local organization.

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