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Local Food in the Time of COVID-19

By now we've all seen the photos and heard the news of industrial crops gone to waste as our food supply system is threatened by the closing of our economy. Our country's restaurants purchase such a large percentage of produce grown that without this supply source, many large conventional farmers have had no choice but to cut their losses and forgo harvesting this year. Added to the hardship of gathering and transporting products while also decreasing our labor force, we are facing an unprecedented threat to the nation's food supply.

Locally grown food is the best answer we have to food insecurity. Knowing your farmer and supporting their work is more important than ever now!

With all of this in mind, we decided to double our farming efforts this year. Yesterday we planted red & golden beets, 4 types of carrots, red & yellow onions, and watermelon radishes. There will be even more in the coming weeks. Offering healthy, local food to our community is one of our highest priorities, and we hope that growing it ourselves will ensure that we have the supply we need during these difficult times.

Thanks as always for your support of Engrained!

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