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Bold Flavors Flow with Engrained’s New Brewer

August 1, 2019

If you go to a microbrewery and you don’t see some innovative - maybe even a little crazy - beer flavors, you might as well just go to the store.


That’s the philosophy of David Turner, Engrained’s first brewery staff member, who is excited to try out some bold new flavors in addition to Engrained’s already popular craft options.


David joined Engrained three months ago as Lead Production Brewer, so he can assist owner Brent Schwoerer with thriving brewery operations.


“I get to continue making the fantastic staples of our beer, but I’m also here to bring new ideas and new angles to some beers that haven’t been tried here,” David says. “Personally when I go to a microbrewery, I look for beers beyond the lagers and porters you see everywhere else. So I have a lot of ideas I want to try.”


David moved to Springfield from Michigan, where he grew up concocting all sorts of creations, from maple syrups to homemade wines. For the last three years, he worked at a Michigan-based brewery - first as an intern helping the head brewer, then as assistant brewer. 


He began looking for a new opportunity to expand his skills and interest. 


“I was really looking for a place that was going to stay true to brewing with high quality ingredients, doing the work themselves, true farm-to-table,” he says. “I was looking for a good environment for my family and a positive place to grow our family.”


When he first connected with Brent, they talked for two hours - and David knew Engrained would be a great fit for him.


“Brent asked questions about me as a person, in addition to my experience. That really spoke to me,” he says. “If your boss is someone you can relate to and you know is a good person, that’s the ideal work environment. Out of all the breweries I interviewed with, Brent was the only one who offered to host our whole family for a visit, not just me.”


David will be taking on our seasonal beer offerings and is looking forward to experimenting with new styles and flavors, like his upcoming Milkshake IPA.


“There is a huge gap in what is out there and what can be done,” he says. “There’s really no limit to what you can do as a brewer. 


“I’m in a good position to brew just about anything because Engrained has a consistent system and good clientele who will appreciate what we want to bring to them.”


Be sure to look for David's new releases hitting the taps almost every week!


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