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Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Celebration Saturday July 20th

The Eagle landed on the moon on July 20, 1969 at 20:17 UTC, which was 2:17 PM central time. The Apollo 11 Lunar Module named “Eagle” was piloted by Armstrong with Aldrin calling out navigational data and it remains a momentous moment in US and world history.

The team at Engrained wanted to celebrate this moment in history the way we celebrate everything... with beer and food! The first meal eaten on the moon by Armstrong and Aldrin included bacon squares and peaches (among a few other things). Bacon and peaches just happen to be two things we love! So we created our Peach Eagle and the Saturn V Baconator.

Peach Eagle

Summer is a great time for peaches and we love the Juicy IPA style so we packed a Juicy Citrus IPA with peaches for a fruit punch worthy of the occasion. When you sip this sucker, you’ll find yourself thinking, “The Peach Eagle has landed.”

Saturn V Baconator

The Saturn V was the amazing and flawless rocket that propelled Apollo 11 into space. It remains the most powerful rocket ever built and was a beast! It was 363 feet tall (think 36 story building) and weighed 6.2 million pounds (think 400 elephants) with 7.6 million pounds of thrust (creating more power than 85 Hoover Dams). Our Baconator

burger is a beast too, packed with pork power. A pork patty with bacon slices, bacon bits and bacon jam this brute will make NASA engineers stand in awe.

There is no limit to what American ingenuity and grit can do. We raise our glass to celebrate one of our great country’s finest moments and firsts. Join us on Saturday, July 20 for our Moon Landing Anniversary Party. Cheers to the moon!

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